Punjabi Dental Society

Punjabi Dental Society  Offering a special assoication discount.  See the information at the bottom of this page, or contact me for more details.






























*Discount includes a 10% Association discount and 10% Mental/Nervous & Substance Abuse discount.

**Unless a significant medical condition is reported by MIB, significant medical information is obtained from the TeleApp or other available information, or any other disability coverage has been issued or applied for on a non-medical basis. Applications could be rated, ridered or declined based on all underwriting information available; this is not a guaranteed issue program. Urine/HIV test is required in ME. Subject to Issue & Participation limits and minimum premium requirement. In California, there are no labs required for Simplified Single-Life cases up to $6,000/month, but an APS and financial documentation are required. Financial documentation required when applying for more than the Simplified amounts – this applies for new applications and adjustments, and for the following occupations (regardless of benefit amount being applied for): Real estate agent/broker, mortgage loan originator/broker, residential construction, real estate developer, attorney specializing in real estate and residential construction. Financial documentation is required if the maximum monthly benefit applied for exceeds these guidelines. Or, with disability income, the coverage applied for is greater than $10,000/month when combined with existing disability coverage (excluding group long-term disability insurance).