Dental and Medical Industries

It took you years of training, education and commitment to get where you are today.  Now you have the lifestyle and financial future to protect if you become too sick or hurt to work.  Many insurance companies are changing the coverage they offer to skilled professionals. 

Principal® offers income protection, otherwise known as disability insurance.  This coverage cannot be cancelled or changed even if you have changes to your income, occupation or health as long as premiums are paid.  And, your coverage is portable and stays with you in the event you change jobs.

I have been helping protect medical and dental professionals with disability income insurance for over 20 years.  I would welcome the opportunity to review your current disability insurance. Please feel free to contact me at 818.259.8305 for a complimentary review of your existing program!

Disability insurance has limitations and exclusions.  For cost and coverage details, contact me.

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